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  by Einik   by Einik
2012... ну ладно.
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BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013

"Now that the momentum of our war with the Gryphus Star Dominion have shifted in our favour, Equestrian Space Force High Command wants us, the ESF 3rd fleet, and the ESF 5th fleet under Admiral Star-Fury to conquer the Scylla star cluster, a strategic frontier sector under the Griffons' control. It's strategic resources and infrastructures that would allow us to use it as a springboard to break through the Dominion's defenses and penetrate deep within their territory, hopefully allowing us to end the war a lot quicker.


Naturally, the Griffons are aware of the sector's importance, and had placed four fleets to guard it. With us only having only two fleets and the enemy being on their home turf, they possess both a 2 to 1 superiority in numbers and strategic mobility using Ley-gates linking their sectors' core star systems. Even if we try engage one fleet at a time, the other three fleets would quickly come to bear within hours to attack us.


The key to our victory here, therefore, would be to take control of their strategic picture, by playing into their expectations of an invasion through the Scylla sector.


Phase I will involve using false fleet movements and false data leaked by our double agents, we will make them believe we are massing for a standard planet-hopping campaign from the Erebus star system, on the outer edge of the sector. Since the Griffons’ defence doctrine calls for ‘Defence-in-depth’ and no one can afford to ignore an invasion force the size of two fleets, they will attempt to pre-emptively strike at our fake assembly point in Erebus with all four Griffon fleets.


3rd fleet’s already sizeable reputation would further reinforce the deception, since Naval Intelligence analyst suggests that the Griffons would believe we can actually pull one off even in the face of their four defence fleets.


Leaving the core worlds and their Ley-gates robs them of their strategic mobility, leaving them to rely on their standard Leyliner drives, reducing their overall star-system movement speed from hours to days, and isolates their four fleets in restricted axis of advance, with the reduction of number of interstellar leylines as they move away from core of the star cluster.


Phase II involves using this window of opportunity to intercept and destroy two of their four fleets separately, now with us having the 2 to 1 advantage and the Griffons unable to even contact their other fleets for help, allowing us to destroy them in detail and face the remaining two fleets on even terms.


By the time they reach the Erebus system, the remaining two fleets will realize this was a trap, and will attempt to link up with each other. We will try to engage them independently like in Phase II to minimize our losses. How Phase III’s decisive battle will play out will depend on whether we catch them before they link up, or after:

If they cannot link up, a flotilla from the ESF 5th fleet composed of mainly missile cruisers and beam frigates will harass and lure one fleet away from the other, allowing our combined fleets to destroy that other Griffon fleet first using standard tactics, before we intercept and destroy the other.

If they link up, first part will remain the same, but once the combined Griffon fleet is stretched by the lure, the ESF 3rd fleet will perform a micro-jump into close-quarters with the Griffon fleet, smashing through their formations with maximum bombardment in cone-formation, and cutting their combined fleet in half by the time we emerge in the dorsal side. The ESF 5th fleet will micro-jump to the anterior of the now halved combined griffon fleet and engage the rear halve with the ESF 3rd fleet, followed by the front halve of the griffon fleet.

With all four Griffon fleets destroyed, Scylla Sector will be wide open for our Phase IV invasion, which will commence in the form of an interstellar blitzkrieg to their core worlds, instead of a planet-hopping campaign, as soon as we link up with supply convoy and planetary invasion forces’ transport carriers.

This campaign will be difficult, depending heavily on perfect timing and skilful co-ordination. But, my friends, I am confident that, working together as we had, we will succeed.”

--- Admiral Twilight Sparkle, commander of the Equestrian Space Force 3rd Fleet, Equestrian Commonwealth, during the Third Interstellar War.

SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
"Citizens of the Scylla Sector...the region of space you call home is now a shield poised over the beating heart of our proud Dominion. If it falls, if Scylla is conquered by the Equestrian forces...they will lay waste to our Core Worlds. All free citizens of the Dominion, be they Griffons, Terrans, Diamond Dogs, or even Ponies, will be reduced to vassals! Our great Dominion, made a puppet state and stripped of her sovereignty and freedom, in the name of 'Peace and Harmony'!!

If you are to be a shield, citizens...then you must be an unbreakable shield!!! The Commonwealth will find her ships reduced to fields of scrap; her soldiers choking on the cold vacuum of space and melted into puddles of slag by plasma; her plans of conquest rebuffed.

Ready yourselves; the Dominion's worlds stand behind you, ready to assist. But if we are to survive as a free and independant power as we deserve, you. Must. Hold.

And remember, citizens: a sword can cut...but a shield can CRUSH."

--- Imperator-General Markus Sleek-Wing, supreme monarch of the Gryphus Star Dominion, in a "special emergency message" to the Scylla Sector during the opening weeks of the Equestrian Commonwealth's invasion. Although Admiral Sparkle's plan largely worked, a small number of ships from the last two fleets were able to escape, and link up with a force of privateers and armed Free Trader ships that had assembled in secret in the sector.

Both fleets now had roughly equal numbers, and a menagerie of damaged and pristine ships of varying states of repair--the outcome of the whole invasion hinged on the inevitable clash between these patchwork armadas....

BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
(Nice speech)
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
[Thanks. And it seems things didn't go 100% to plan for Adm. Sparkle...]
kyo4kusanagi Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
awesome one
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nice piece!
Einik Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013
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