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April 17, 2012
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Русский язык так то вряд ли вы поймете что тут написано :3
Потом на инглише описание сделаю сейчас лень
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isn't an esf an electro static field? 
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
Comm Officer: "Contact! Report from reconnaissance group Firefly, the enemy fleet had been spotted at point Alpha 276, Beta 394 and Gamma 155.  Transferring data to Tactical."

Admiral Twilight: "Tactical Ensign. Composition and formation?"

Tactical Officer: "423 vessels in total: 50 Bulwark-class dreadnoughts, 20 Sheppard-class battle-carriers, 100 Firestorm-class cruisers, 200 Reaver-class destroyers, 50 remaining vessels appears to be logistics and supply crafts. Enemy is assuming a cone-formation. Distance: 35 light-seconds and closing. ETA: 40 minutes."

Admiral Twilight: "Just as our intelligence had reported - the enemy fleet have the same weight in numbers as ours, but has advantage in tonnage. On the other hoof, they hold a disadvantage in artillery and carrier groups... Comm, give me a secure line to the rest of the fleet."

[With a affirmative 'Yes Madam', a number of new violet-blue holograms pop infront of her, showing the status of the six flotilla task forces that compose her fleet.]

Admiral Twilight: "My dreadnoughts taskforce are ready. How's the rest of group A?"

Commodore Applejack: "Cruiser taskforce reporting! We're in position and ready tah kick'em in the flanks!"

Commodore Fluttershy: "Emm... Artillery taskforce 1 reporting. My missile cruisers are... fine?"

Admiral Twilight: "Group B, do you remember your parts in the plan?"

Commodore Rarity: "Artillery taskforce 2 reporting and standing by! Don't worry darling, we know what to do. My beam frigates will not miss their targets!"

Commodore Pinkie Pie: "Destroyer taskforce 'Party Wagon' here! Don't worry, Admy-Twiley! We'll keep out the party-crashers!"

Commodore Rainbow Dash: "Battle-carrier taskforce reporting! My fighters and gunships are ready to rock and roll! Hey, Twiley, are ya sure you won't need some fighter escorts?"

Admiral Twilight: "It's a calculated risk, exposing Group A like this. We fought them before - I suspect the enemy tactics will be to use their capital ships like a battering ram again, to break through and smash apart our formation in a massive head-on charge, and then have their cruisers and carriers systematically isolate destroy each scattered group afterwards."

Admiral Twilight: "Group A will try to focus all batteries onto the tip of their cone-formation and slow down their thrust with volume of firepower. Just remember that Group B have to turn 90 degrees when they engage us at 10 light-seconds, and then perform a micro-jump right behind them. If we pull this off we should keep most of the enemy fighters and capital ships off you in the front, engaging us, and leave their escorts and carriers exposed. Their momentum and mass will mean they won't be able to stop and orientate themselves quick enough to target you. Once you three clear them out, the cruisers and dreadnoughts will have nothing to protect them from our gunships."

Radar Officer: "Enemy fleet at 15 light seconds and closing!"

Admiral Twilight: "Patch me to the rest of the fleet." [The PDA system activates with a soft beep] "This is going to be a hard battle, everypony. I won't make any guarantees, but stick to the plan and hopefully we'll make it through. My friends, are you all ready to do this?"

[A garbled chorus of "Yes madam!" answered her.]

Admiral Twilight: "Alright then. The enemy is getting into range. When I give my word: Engage!"
Trooper924 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013

Commodore Dash: Hey! What gives?

Commodore Fluttershy: There...There's nothing here...

Admiral Twilight: Something's wrong. Get Firefly group on the line. Now.

Radar Officer: Admiral! Ships exiting hyperspace! Sensors indicate they're warships...Apollyon-class...oh, sweet Celestia...

Admiral Twilight: What? What is it?!

Rader Officer: Sensors... sensors indicate that there are over 50,000 of them...

Admiral Twilight:...We've been betrayed.

????: Attention Equestrian fleet, by order of his Divine Eminence, The Red King, you are to be exterminated completely and utterly for crimes against life itself. Do not attempt to surrender. Long live the Animus Imperium!

SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
Admiral Twilight: "What...Red King? Animus Imperium?! Who are you people? What do you mean, 'crimes against life itself'?! Who gave you the right to--?!"

Tactical Officer: "Enemy fleet firing!! MASSIVE energy surges across their entire fleet!!"

[To the horror of all present, violet-blue holograms representing the Equestrian ships wink out in groups of tens, even hundreds. Screams of horror can be heard from various captains as their ships are ripped to pieces--before they are cut off with a burst of static.]

Admiral Twilight: [Stuttering in terror] "W-w-What is this?! W-who are these people?! Why are they doing this?!?"

Radar Officer: "Casualties across all task forces! Enemy fleet advancing in wall-of-battle formation--dear Maker, the sheer power..."

Admiral Twilight "...Signal a retreat!! I want everypony who isn't dead in hyperspace NOW! We can't let these...monsters approach our colonies--or Eqquis itself--without warning!! Any and all remaining ships, general retreat in effect immediately!! Jump to hyperspace and regroup at the nearest friendly shipyard, and send out a broad-spectrum message of an an enemy fleet approaching the border!!"

[An alarm suddenly wails out, and the bridge is bathed in harsh, blood-red warning lights.]

Tactical Officer: "Ma'am...Dreadnought-analogues in enemy fleet are, projecting gravity-wells. If we jump, we'll be ripped apart...not even our atoms will stay together!!"

Admiral Twilight: "Then...then we're doomed. We're all doomed..."

[And just as the realization sinks in...]

Radar Officer: "What in the...NEW CONTACT! Coming out of hyperspace behind the enemy fleet! It', that's impossible! It's too big to be a ship!!"

[Confused shouts ring throughout the bridge as the readings come in, and Twilight's mortal fear gives way to awe.]

Admiral Twilight: "It''s twenty kilometers long. And, the guns on that thing...!"

Radar Officer: "Unknown...super-dreadnought is firing on enemy fleet from behind! Their formation is being disrupted! Ma'am, we may still have a chance!!"

Admiral Twilight: "Then let's not waste it! Comms, send a general attack order fleetwide, tell them to focus on enemy ships NOT being targeted by the new arrival as primary targets; secondary targets are ships not destroyed by the unknown's weapons' initial volleys! Under no circumstances are they to fire on the unknown...and I want TOTAL destruction of the enemy fleet! None of them escapes, none of them retreats...and no prisoners. If they try to exterminate us, we'll return the favor!!"

[A chorus of angry affirmatives sounds throughout the bridge as they Equestrian ships rally and return fire on the Animus fleet...whose ships, represented by red holograms, start to blink out. It isn't long before another transmission comes in...]

Comm Officer: "Incoming message from's--it's in Earth Standard!! That's an Earth Federation warship!!"

Admiral Twilight: [mumbling:] "Guess this so-called 'Red King' has more enemies than we thought... [Aloud:] "Patch it through!"

[A beat, then a crisp, calm voice sounds through the bridge:]

Terran Captain: "...miral Laurence Daniels of the EFS Kandahar to Equestrian flagship Harmony's Sword. We're here to help."

Trooper924 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013

"How unexpected."

"Indeed. We did not factor in the Terran's involvement."

"A mistake that shall not be repeated."

"Send word to the shipmakers. Tell them to upgrade all of our remaining ships to counter that Terran ship."

"They already have. The first new ships were launched less than an hour ago."

"Attention, everybeast, The Red King has seen the aftermath of the battle and has decided to accelerate our plans. The Juggernauts are to be deployed immediately. Our armies will lay waste to the homeworlds of the equines and primates. Use of level-9 magic has been authorized. We are infinite. We are invincible. We are the rightful masters of this universe and by divine right, we shall reclaim it from the herectics that infest it. Long live the Imperium! Long live The Red King!"

"Long Live The Red King!"
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
[ :O ...Huh. Didn't see that coming.]
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013
[Me to. Looks like a lensman arms race is about to commence.

I was going to post something here, or in the comments of that ESF Admiral Twilight Sparkle pic by this artist, but my computer crashed out on me, TWICE, just as I was about to hit post. All that writing for NOTHING...]
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013
[Ouch. Kinda reminds me of why I prefer to browse DA on an actual computer and not my iPhone or Kindle. I end up hitting the post button before I'm done typing a comment A LOT. -_-]
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013
[Well, I did managed to write something in the end, here:… ]
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